About Me

My name is Alex, I was born in Marseille – France in 1971.

From an early age, I was always captivated by the subtle and striking beauty of things around me, finding grace and poetry in the most unusual things and places. However, uncertain about an artistic career I decided to study finance. 

During my thirties I decided to pick up a camera, and take off travelling the world. The discovery of unique sceneries made it so that my lens became an extension of me, and I would capture the poetry I saw through my eyes with its help.

Actively working on developing my skills, I experimented with all kinds of photography, ranging from street photography to studio portraits. I found myself utterly entranced and fascinated by the latter.

Determined to give more meaning to my life, I decided to quit the world of finance as I dreamt of breathing life into the artist in me and giving him free rein. 

To fully equip myself with the techniques and basics required, I took up courses at GOBELINS – L’école de l’image, which opened my eyes and mind to the vast world of knowledge about the masters of this universe.

With the help of my studio, I want you and I to write together the next pages of our existence, with one mission in mind: to unveil the mystery of beauty in every soul.



+33 6 25 84 20 37

21 rue Frédéric Sauton, 75005 Paris, France

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